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Beware of Scammers Using Western Union

Reports Submitted to us in 2012 and 2013...

Remember: We will never ask you to send us money in advance of a loan and we have no up front fees. Though Western Union and Money Gram are excellent services, we advise that you never use them or any other medium to wire cash in advance of a loan. Legitimate lenders will never require an up front payment from you! Learn What to do if you have been victimized. All reports are anonymous. We simply do not have the resources to investigate all of the reports. The important information here is the consistent story line. We hope you have found our website BEFORE wiring someone money for a loan. Read some of these stories. If you have already become a victim, you might notice some similarities.

Though there is nothing we can do to help you recover your money, we are hopeful that your testimony will help educate other consumers. If you are the owner of a business that has been victimized by the scammers (using your good name), and you would like for us to make a note of it here, please let us know using the submit form.

Please note: We are having a difficult time keeping up with these scam stories because of the high volume, but we are posting them as fast as we can. Some we can't post (about 80%) because of redundancy (others reporting the same scam). The bottom line is: the stories are ALWAYS the same. We can't repeat it enough: It doesn't matter what the name of the company is -- if they are asking for money to be sent to them up front for ANY reason, it is a scam. If you are asked to send money, then go searching online for the validity of the company, you are wasting time. Your instincts are already telling you such an operation is a scam -- so don't do it.

The reports so far this year (2013) and some from last year are listed below. Previous years: 2010 | 2011 | Tell us your story

New! - August 29, 2013 - EZ Money Loan did this same thing to me! I should have realized the first time! Seriously whats happening to this world are these places not going to be shut down! everything is being reported with the same things being said and it just keeps happening to more and more people SOMETHING NEEDS to be done!!!! I western unioned both of these companys a total $515.00 between the 2 and both the same thing asked for more after the first and just excuse after excuse. When you have a family @ home and obviously NEED money send all you have and then they just screw you over! This is NOT ok and some of us are so reliant on things and anticipate these funds! My electric was shut off within days after because i sent them my payment thinking in hourse i would have 5x as much as what i sent but apparently im not the only person! :( Please wont someone take actions they are stealing from honest peaople and getting away with it over and over again!

February 27, 2013 - Money Plus Savers - has taken unauthorized funds out of my checking account after using your services. Have recieved numerous calls from so called lenders which I have used Cash Net USA because I was a prior customer. I haven't talked to anyone from Money Plus Savers or accepted any offers from them.

November 10, 2012 - I wish I saw this sooner, just today I was told that my loan was approved and would be wired into my acct today and the first month payment will be Nov. 15th 2012 and because of fraud on customer side they needed security that I would not skip out on them, so get a "money pak" and load the payment, and then they would send the money transfer w/in few hrs. well no loan transfer and money pak empty.

August 14, 2012 - Various Social Media - I was scammed when I submitted a loan request through a Facebook page. It looked like a legitimate offer from a well known bank, but it turned out to be a fake page. I lost $640. Admin Note: Be very wary of any solicitation in classifieds (newspaper, online, or otherwise) and also any solicitations that you see on any social media outlet, such as Facebook or Twitter. Both of those companies are doing their best to eliminate scams. If you see scams or spam on Facebook, be sure to use the "report" feature to let them know.

August 3, 2012 - Union Star Financial - I received an unsolicited email from Union Star Financial with a Naperville IL address that included loan documents with my perosnal information. The email stated that I had been approved for a $10,000 loan and in addition the document included a disability insurance form. I called to inquire about the loan and was told that in order to get the loan I would have to send the lender, referred to as "him", $990 for the disability insurance payable only by a Green Dot pre-paid credit card. I immediately smelled a scam. Beware.

July 17, 2012 - Weston Mutual Lending Firm - I received a call that I was approved for a $3000 loan. After receiving paper work, it looked ok. Iwas asked to send in 3 monthly payment as cash colleratal. I almost did. I did some research, I called their number after hours, all Igot was mail box was full not company information about leaving message. Idid some further research, no listing of them with the BBB in Chicago. No listing of Licience. the company needs to shut down, before anymore people become victims. I am glad I did my research on this site. It saved me...

March 20, 2012 - Gold Star Finance International - I was looking for a business loan. I submitted my application to one Gold Star Finance International. I got a reply advising that my loan was approved but required to be registered with the minister and a prepayment of US$420 was needed. Subsequently, I was advised that the payments officer had traveled to their Canada office and so to speed up payment, the whole loan application should be transferred to their Nigeria office. This surprised me and upon checking further, the company has been reported by others to be scammers!

March 9, 2012 - Global Redemption - I filled out an application online for a $10,000 loan with Global Redemption. I was contacted by Tracey Phillips who informed me that I had been approved. I faxed in all requested information, including the contract which had been emailed to me. Afterwards I was told that I would need to Western Union $636 to Jason Brown, a guy in Canada. This money was to cover my first two monthly payments. Skeptical but desperate I did so. The loan monies were to arrive in my account within 6-12 business hours. After two business days Tracey Phillips called me back to inform me that the "lender" wanted another $636 payment before releasing my funds. This would allow me to start making payments four months after receiving my loan. Still skeptical and desperate I again wired the requested funds to the guy in Canada. Two more business days went by before I was informed that due to my credit situation, Jason Brown would like to have another $636 because at this point he did not "think that I was serious about the loan". At this point, I requested a refund of my money. I was sadly informed that it would take 14-30 business days to get my money back. Never mind the fact that I had been sending my money via Western Union money in minutes to this guy. I will wait and see what the outcome is. Honestly, I do not think that I will be getting any of my money back.

February 15, 2012 - General Report - Much like the other comments on here they stated that they would need a large security deposit in order to receive my $5000 loan. Fortunately I told them I needed to do research on the company because a Western Union transfer did not seem legitimate. When I asked for some type of documentation on whether I would actually receive a loan after the transfer, I was told by that they were unable to email me such documents. Boy am I glad I found this website before I agreed.

February 13, 2012 - Sign My Loan claims I took out a payday loan and they want their money. I never took out a loan in 10 years. They started yelling at me.


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