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Direct Lending Solutions is a free resource and never requires fees of any type. Beware of loan scammers who use a variety of company names, including those of legitimate lenders in the United States, in order to hide their operation. If anyone claiming to be from our company tells you that you will need to send them money in advance of a loan, don’t do it. Never send anyone money in advance of loan services. Read more in our loan scam report.

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Our History and Mission… was founded in August of 2004. Our goal is to educate consumers about various finance and consumer-credit topics, such as mortgage/refinancing programs, credit cards, identity theft protection and recovery, divorce-debt concerns, student loans, and bankruptcy rules/regulations.

Our credit specialists have over 10 years of experience in mortgage, consumer credit, and finance. We continue to study and research the ever-changing credit industry. We add information frequently, and occasionally distribute new articles listed in the sitemap. We want to remind readers of our copyright disclaimer found in our privacy policy.

We are an informational website that provides links to a few reputable service providers. We are NOT a direct lender. If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be from our organization, it is NOT from us. Try to remember which link you clicked when you left our site to go to another site; when you fill out a loan application on another site, then we will not have the answers to any of your loan questions. If you click a link on our site to go to a lender application, you are leaving our site and going to theirs. We do not make phone calls about loans. Please review our privacy policy. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at