Vacation and Rental Home Financing

Are you considering a vacation home or looking to buy a rental property? We have some tips to help you locate the best mortgage on your investment and discuss the tax benefits.

What is VantageScore?

What is Vantage Score?

VantageScore is a new credit scoring system that was developed in hopes of making credit scores more accurate

Women and Credit – A Brief History

With the current luxury of easy credit card spending, it wasn’t all that long ago that women were denied the privalege of using credit. In this piece we briefly discuss the history of the struggle of women to earn the right to credit.

Your Rights Concerning Your Credit Report

It is crucial that you know your rights when it comes to your credit file. Laws are in place to help prevent identity theft, improve resolution of consumer complaints, facilitate access to your credit information, and help improve the accuracy of all information contained therein.

How to Make Money Using Your Home Equity

It sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s true. Many people have learned how to use their home equity to make money and create wealth. Learn the techniques that you can use to make money from your home’s equity.

Lending and Credit Discrimination

If you feel that you have been denied credit based on discriminatory practices, you have rights that you should know about.

Advance Fee Loan Scams

Scammers continue taking thousands of dollars from unsuspecting consumers through advance-fee loan scams. There are some things you should know to protect yourself, your money, and your identity from fake lenders.

Mortgage Interest Tax Considerations

Are you thinking about buying a home? In this article, we discuss some mortgage interest and tax issues that you may not have considered…