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Disclaimer: does not make loans. We do not have “representatives” that call to offer loans. If someone has called you claiming to be from “Direct Lending Solutions,” they are using our name illegally in a scam. We do not guarantee rates, prices, or loan approval. We CANNOT answer specific questions about loan qualifications, interest rates, fees, etc. For additional information, please visit our privacy policy.

We Do Not call consumers to make unsolicited loan “offers” and we do not make telemarking calls of any type. So once again, if someone calls you to offer a loan, claiming to be a representative of our company, they are scamming you. Read more.

Do NOT send us your phone number, because we will not call you to “discuss a loan” (see above). Do not submit any confidential information. If you have a legitimate question, all we need is your valid e-mail address in order to reply.

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