5 Steps to Building Great Credit


Creating and maintaining great personal credit is one of the fundamental steps in being an adult. Without stellar credit, you will find it difficult to make important large purchases such […]

What is VantageScore?

What is Vantage Score?


VantageScore is a new credit scoring system that was developed in hopes of making credit scores more accurate

Your Rights Concerning Your Credit Report


It is crucial that you know your rights when it comes to your credit file. Laws are in place to help prevent identity theft, improve resolution of consumer complaints, facilitate access to your credit information, and help improve the accuracy of all information contained therein.

Reality vs. myth about credit scores

Myths About Credit Reports and Scoring


There are many common myths about credit reporting. It is important that you learn what is true, and what is not

Protect your credit in divorce

How To Protect Your Credit in Divorce


Can a divorce hurt your credit? If you are going through a divorce, take steps to protect your credit.

Teach your kids about credit and money

Establish Credit Early: Lessons for Your Kids


Establishing a good credit history early in life is very important. Take the opportunity to teach your kids to be fiscally responsible so that they may develop good credit and be positioned for the big things later on.

Tips for People Coping with Bad Credit


50% of the population has below-average credit scores. There are simple things that you can do to make gradual improvements to your credit score and regain the dignity taken from you by the arrogant suits at the bank.